While making the switch from traditional company management to a modern software can be intimidating, it can ultimately provide multiple benefits to your company, including easier access to information, greater control over your fleet and farm-outs, and a tighter grasp on your company’s finances.

Wondering how Longhorn Charter can work for you? When you call one of representatives at 1-844-733-4377, we can set up a personalized demo of all of our software’s functions; but in the meantime, you can check out just a few ways you can integrate our revolutionary software into your daily business functions:

Check in on your daily schedule

Once you log in to Longhorn Charter, you’ll see a comprehensive run-down of what’s happening that day and which trips are coming up. See where your buses are headed so you can note if you should expect delays or account for other unpredictable scenarios. You can also check back periodically to see which trips are running on-schedule and which are running behind.

Check in on which drivers are currently working, which are available, and which buses are in use. You can also contact your working drivers with trip updates and track the location of your buses for tight control over your fleet. This ability to easily keep tabs on drivers and buses eliminates the need for drivers to constantly be using their phones while they’re working. You’ll only need to contact them for emergencies, trip changes, or other outstanding circumstances, allowing them to focus on the road.

Drivers can also download the Longhorn Charter app to log in and view their trip details during rest stops. The app will tell them where they’re headed, who they’re picking up, and how much time they have left on their current trip.

Closely manage payments and pricing

Longhorn Charter allows you to automate your payment system to streamline your payment process. When a payment is due, your passengers won’t need to search for that PDF you emailed them a few months back or call to exchange sensitive payment information over the phone, and you can easily keep up with who has paid and who still owes you money. Our checkout system is simple, easy to use, and white-labeled so that you can apply your brand’s unique logo.

Our software also keeps track of which months saw the most trips booked, allowing you to look back on your data and adjust pricing based on demand. You can also see what other bus companies in your area are charging to offer the most competitive pricing based on the current market. No more worrying about why you aren’t booking enough buses– you’ll know when to anticipate a lull and when to anticipate a busy season after a few months with our software.

Longhorn Charter also helps you track your company’s spending and expenses, making it easy to more closely monitor your budget from month to month. Every time an expense is cleared, you’ll have access to it in your software, eliminating the inevitable human errors you’ll find when tracking expenses with pen and paper.

Maximize your booking potential

Keep a close eye on which buses are currently available and which will be free at a client’s requested date to ensure that you never over- or under-book your fleet. If you need to farm out a trip, Longhorn Charter will show you reputable companies in your area that can provide much-needed buses for your clients when you’re in a pinch.

Rate and review other companies to show other Longhorn Charter users which local businesses they can trust. You can also access the ratings you’ve given when it comes time to farm out another bus– never worry about booking with a less-than-stellar company again.

Breakdowns happen, so Longhorn Charter helps you to be prepared for unexpected circumstances that throw your clients’ trips off course. If your bus breaks down in another city, Longhorn Charter will show you other reputable providers in that city and help you contact them to secure reliable accommodations for your stranded passengers.

At the end of the day, all of Longhorn Charter’s features come together to keep your fleet working as much as possible. With our software streamlining your day-to-day functions, keeping up with trips, payments, drivers, and buses is as easy as checking into your dashboard.

Ready to experience Longhorn Charter for yourself? Call our team at 1-844-733-4377 to request a demo and learn more about pricing!