It’s one thing to build a transportation rental company. It’s another to scale it.

If you’re still managing your business only through paper documents– or even just through spreadsheets –you’re leaving time and money on the table. These methods only work when you’re manually updating and organizing them. As a busy entrepreneur, you need a fleet & reservation management system that does the work for you, even when you’re sleeping.

A reputable, robust software system gives you:

1. Easy Access to Information.

As a fleet operator, you don’t just oversee the business. You may have to answer customer inquiries, perform maintenance on a vehicle, and handle payroll and human resources tasks. If a customer suddenly calls with an important question about their rental, you don’t have time to sift through documents, emails, and spreadsheets. You need easy access to details about your fleet, itineraries, payments, and affiliates.

More importantly, you need a solution that provides you with this information without disrupting your current operations. It needs to be intuitive, modern, and up-to-date on the latest industry trends.

2. Real-time information about trips.

With multiple trips in progress at a time, how do you keep up with your fleet’s status? Longhorn Charter Bus shows you exactly when each trip begins, how it’s progressing, and when it’s completed, thanks to integrated GPS tracking.

If a customer calls with a question about a trip that’s in progress, you won’t have to make separate calls to your dispatchers, drivers, and other staff members involved with the process. The quicker you answer your customers’ questions, the sooner they can relax and enjoy their bus ride.

3. Custom branding on customer-facing materials.

You’ve spent years building your business, and your brand is synonymous with your reputation. Your reservation management system should reinforce your success by allowing you to add custom branding (like logos and colors) to your outbound emails. Each message you send should reflect your brand, not the branding of your reservation management software.

Longhorn Charter Bus allows you to add your logo and colors to your email settings so all of your correspondence is consistent with your company’s operations. With greater control over the look and feel of your emails, you can strengthen your brand awareness with everyone who interacts with your business.

4. Control over your farm-outs.

Housing all of your affiliates’ company and reservation information in one database streamlines your farm-outs and keeps your business organized. The more organized you are, the more trips you can handle or pass along to partners. Building your ecosystem of affiliates you trust takes less time when you don’t have to shuffle through multiple documents and spreadsheets or make dozens of phone calls with every trip.

5. A Secure Portal for Online Payments.

Invoicing, collecting payments, and recording information for bookkeeping runs smoother when you offer customers online payment options. When you collect payments via eChecks or over-the-phone credit card information, you run the risk of inaccurate or lost information. The safest and most convenient form of payment is through encrypted payment processors online, and Longhorn Charter Bus allows you to offer this option to your customers.

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