Charter Bus Rental for Casinos

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Charter Bus & Minibus Rentals

The next time you’re in the mood to hit the slots with friends or family, book a private charter bus or minibus to handle your group’s transportation. Ally Charter Bus has serviced hundreds of groups that have raised the stakes at casinos throughout the Northeast, like Atlantic City, so why not let us handle your next excursion? With spacious, comfortable solutions and industry-leading customer service at your fingertips, why would you trust anyone else? Take risks in the casino, not on the road; book with Ally Bus today by calling 1-866-625-7682.

Multiple Options for Different Group Sizes

We know that when you hit the casino, you’re likely not going alone. That being said, no matter how large your group is, Ally Bus is able to easily find a solution that meets your group’s needs. Whether you need a minibus for a more intimate ride among close associates, or a full-sized charter bus for a larger party, Ally Bus quickly finds a safe, affordable ride that gets you to the slots quickly. Don’t waste any more time wondering how you’re going to get everyone to and from the casino; reach out to us to see how we can help.

Plan the Night of Your Life

If you’re planning a night out on the town, the casino likely won’t be the only place you’re interested in seeing. Ally Bus makes it simple for you to plan an itinerary based on a number of activities in the city, thanks to the unlimited access you get upon booking. Start your night off with dinner at a lavish restaurant, hit the casino, and then finish things off at a nightclub to maximize your experience. Residents of New York City, Philadelphia, and Newark can book an Atlantic City charter bus rental to visit the famous Tropicana and Golden Nugget Casinos.

Lavish Rides to Match Your Lifestyle

Just because you’re riding on a bus doesn’t mean you aren’t riding in style. When you’ve checked in at a beautiful hotel or resort and want your transportation experience to match, Ally Bus has got you covered. Luxury coaches that we book are of the highest quality, featuring cutting-edge amenities and industry-leading designs. Choose from exclusive features such as WiFi, televisions, DVD players, restrooms, luggage bays, and so much more when you book, so you’re able to enjoy not only your time at the casino, but also your ride to and from it.

Highly-Efficient Shuttle Services

A number the most sought-after casinos in the Northeast are in remote areas. Ally Bus knows this, and we work hard to make sure that patrons have fast, easy transportation to and from these establishments. Foxwoods may seem like a difficult casino to access when traveling from cities such as Hartford, New Haven, or even New York City, but Ally Bus’ exclusive shuttle services enable you to ride from the city straight to the resort. If you’re traveling from an airport in a surrounding city to the casino, we can even organize an airport shuttle service that will be waiting for you before you land.

Make a Safe Bet with Ally Bus

  • You’re taking on enough risk every time you hit the poker table, so why add any more to your plans with transportation?
  • Rely on Ally Bus to get you to and from your favorite casinos in the Northeast; we have the staff, solutions, and service to provide the most satisfying transportation services in the industry.
  • Learn more about how we can assist you by calling 1-866-625-7682.

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