Charter Buses for Field Trips

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Charter Bus & Minibus Rentals

Ally Bus wants to assist your educational institution with transportation for events, both large and small. We’ve developed a strong reputation for ourselves among a number of universities in the Northeast, thanks to our strong attention to detail and passion for servicing our community. If you’re planning your next school event and are looking for a safe, reliable method of transport for your students, call Ally Bus at 1-866-625-7682 to get the service you deserve.

On-Campus Events, Simplified

Getting students to and from events around campus is easier than ever before. Ally Bus books on-campus shuttles for a wide range of activities, including pep rallies, athletic competitions, formal events, festivals, and more. We understand that your students need fast, reliable transportation to get to events that will provide a more enriching college experience, and we embrace that challenge wholeheartedly. Allow your students to save some energy by booking a private coach for on-campus events.

Plan Field Trips at a Moment’s Notice

Activities and events that take place away from campus are just as accessible as ones on campus. Ally Bus organizes private coach rides to locations throughout the Northeast and beyond, so you can rest assured that no matter how far away from campus your next excursion may be, you’re in good hands. Grade school staff members love booking with us because we drastically simplify the field trip planning process for them. When you book with us, you know that your children will be on the safest, fastest route to whatever your destination is.

Safe, Scalable Solutions

Ally Bus is one of the most highly-sought-after student transportation services because of the quality and quantity of modern coaches we have access to. Every bus in our network passes a myriad of comprehensive safety inspections, and all of the drivers we book must pass a rigorous background check before they hit the road, so parents love knowing that their children are in our hands. Having partnered with the leading bus providers in the nation, we’re also given exclusive access to clean, efficient charter buses and minibuses tailored directly to your needs, so your students are riding in safety and style, every time.

Enjoy Every Single Feature

Ally Bus is committed to setting an example in the motorcoach industry. We want every passenger to enjoy the highest quality riding experience possible, so we make sure that only the most modern, cutting-edge coaches are available for booking. Institutions that book with us love the exclusive features they can request on student charter buses, such as restrooms, televisions, WiFi, reclining seats, and storage bins. Your students deserve to have the most comfortable ride possible, so why not give them the best there is?

Ride with Class

  • Tired of riding in old, dated models of bus for your on and off-campus excursions?
  • Ready to book a bus with a trusted provider who puts your children's safety first? Need a solution that can accommodate a large class? Having serviced educational institutions in New York CityWashington, D.C.NewarkHartford, and dozens of other cities, Ally Bus is ready to help.
  • Call Ally Bus today at 1-866-625-7682 to see how we can assist you.

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