Private Charter Bus Rentals

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Charter Bus & Minibus Rentals

If you’ve got a private event coming up but aren’t sure how you’re going to coordinate transportation for your guests, look no further than Ally Bus. While we’ve handled transportation for more general events such as weddings, sports competitions, field trips, corporate meetings, and church gatherings, we also specialize in providing charter services for specified events such as family reunions, festivals, road trips, and more. Not sure if we can accommodate the needs of your event? We bet we can. Call us at 1-866-625-7682 to see for yourself.

Hand Select Your Passengers

The benefit of booking with Ally Bus for your event is the exclusivity that a private charter provides. Public transit and rideshare apps limit your ability to control who you share a vehicle with, but Ally Bus gives you the freedom to choose who has access to the ride. Families and business executives love booking with us because they are able to create an itinerary and curate a passenger list that accommodates their preferences.

Create an Unforgettable Riding Experience

When you’ve got a private event on the books, you want to ensure that your passengers are getting the best experience possible. You can guarantee this by booking a private coach with Ally Bus, because every bus we book comes equipped with a number of premium amenities. Choose from features such as televisions, WiFi, DVD players, reclining seats, restrooms, power outlets, and more to maximize the comfort and entertainment of your passengers.

Industry-Leading Safety Features

Safety is always our top priority at Ally Bus. We know you need reassurance that every one of your guests is safe and sound when they’re on the road, and we provide that by booking only the best drivers and buses on the market. Drivers pass thorough background checks before hitting the road, and buses are inspected before every trip. Steel-cage construction and dual rear wheels fitted on every bus also guarantee that your guests are in good hands, so you can rest easy.

Solutions of Every Size for Your Group

No matter how large or small your group is, Ally Bus is prepared to accommodate every single member of it. We’ve partnered with the best bus providers in the region, giving us access to solutions of every size. Smaller groups love the comfort that minibuses provide, while larger groups attending an event prefer the spaciousness of a charter bus. You’re even able to book multiple buses at a time, so groups of hundreds of passengers can safely and efficiently be transported.

Private, Reliable Transportation for You

  • Ally Bus is ready to handle transportation for your all of your events, whether they be public or private.
  • Accessing solutions for groups large and small, we’re prepared to service you at any time.
  • See for yourself by calling 1-866-625-7682.

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