Charter Bus Rentals for Government & Military

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Charter Bus & Minibus Rentals

Ally Bus is the leading provider of charter bus and minibus rentals for government and military organizations throughout the Northeast. A nationally-recognized, industry-leading motorcoach provider, Ally Bus handles large-scale transportation for every branch of the military and government with efficiency and efficacy. If you’re ready to take your transit experience to the next level, contact our support team at 1-866-625-7682.

Solutions for Every Branch of Government

Ally Bus specializes in finding transportation solutions that fit the needs of any government or military group, regardless of its size. Having earned approvals from both the DoD and GSA, we’ve handled transportation for the Army, Navy, FEMA, and a number of major government organizations. Our varied selection of solutions is able to accommodate groups from every organization, whether they be small 18-passenger minibuses for executive parties or large 56-passenger charter buses for a platoon.

Timely, Efficient Service, Every Time

Ally Bus understands how important it is to be punctual when handling government and military operations, which is why we’re so highly sought-after. Every second counts when you’re carrying out responsibilities for our nation, and we make sure that every driver in our network understands this before hitting the road to transport your team. Buses are thoroughly inspected before every trip, and we only book the most modern coaches, meaning you’re always experiencing the fastest, most efficient ride available.

Safety Always Comes First

When transporting high-ranking government officials and military personnel to and from important excursions, there’s no room for mistakes. Ally Bus prioritizes safety above anything else, and we prove that to you with the solutions and services we provide with every booking. To ensure you’re getting a safe ride, we not only ensure that every bus passes a rigorous safety inspection; but we also place only the most experienced drivers on the road, driving buses backed by steel-frame construction.

Shuttles and Transfers

Shuttles to and from events on- and off-base are easier than ever with Ally Bus. Easily fit and transport even the largest military groups on a fleet of charter buses, or accommodate a small team on a more compact minibus. Traveling between government buildings and headquarters is also simplified with Ally Bus, as we provide simple transfer services to and from offices throughout Washington, D.C. and the Northeast. Regardless of your group’s size, there’s a fast, efficient solution for you in Ally Bus’s network.

Private and Confidential Events

If you’re a member of a government agency that has a confidential meeting on the books, Ally Bus is the best option for your next trip. Not only is every bus in our network unmarked and discreet, but our reservation agents and drivers never disclose the details of your trip to an outside party. Host a private group on your own luxury minibus, ensuring that the only people who know about your big meeting are your teammates.

Choose a Provider You Can Trust

  • Ally Bus supports the United States military and government no matter what, and we prove it by providing around-the-clock service for your team.
  • No matter the time or place, you can expect fast, efficient transportation to your next excursion.
  • Call us today at 1-866-625-7682 to see for yourself.

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