An Ally in Safety and Trustworthy Service

When you’re hitting the road for a group trip, making sure you’re in safe hands is understandably a top concern. With Ally Charter Bus, you can relax knowing that your safety will always be our top priority. Wherever your travels take you in the Northeast, booking a charter bus rental with Ally will ensure you arrive comfortably and safely at your destination.

Renting a bus with Ally means you’ll have:

an Ally Charter Bus bus

1. A thoroughly sanitized vehicle.

The ongoing health crisis calls for heightened levels of sanitization and attention to detail. Transportation partners throughout our network are adhering to local and federal guidelines to keep everyone safe onboard. This includes but is not limited to wearing masks, sanitizing bus surfaces, and having bus drivers limit contact with passengers. We are also requiring all of our partners to thoroughly follow CDC-recommended sanitization guidelines before and after trips. 

a bus driver sanitizing a bus

2. A well-maintained fleet. 

Regular maintenance is not only important to keep a fleet running like clockwork, but it’s also vital to the safety of passengers. Ally Charter Bus transportation partners must regularly maintain each bus to avoid unsafe travel conditions or inconvenient breakdowns. Each vehicle must also pass systematic inspections that include checking emergency windows, emergency doors, and lights that clearly mark each exit.

a fleet of charter buses

3. An experienced and professional driver.

Every driver that operates a vehicle within the Ally Charter Bus network must have a clean driving record, up-to-date drug test, and a cleared background check. We work with many drivers with years of professional driving experience and extensive knowledge of the area they’re servicing. 

a charter bus driver wearing a mask and gloves

4. An accessible transportation option.

Passengers with mobility concerns shouldn’t have to compromise their safety and comfort to travel. The Ally Charter Bus network includes modern ADA-accessible vehicles equipped with features you need for every passenger to travel safely, regardless of mobility. ADA-accessible vehicles must also follow the same maintenance standard as the rest of our network, which ensures your charter bus’s wheelchair lift and other accessible features are working properly.  

A passenger boarding a bus in a wheelchair

5. An around-the-clock customer support team.

We’re available when and where you need us. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with your travel needs. If you have last-minute changes to your trip or need support on the road, you can trust that one of our experts will be on call to help you any time of day. 

a customer support team member with a phone and computer

Safe Travels with Ally Charter Bus 

We’re dedicated to keeping you safe during every step of your journey. Whether your group is traveling for a school field trip in New York City or a business conference in Washington DC, Ally Charter Bus will have a safe ride ready for you. Call us any time at 1-866-625-7682 to reserve your charter bus rental today!

a charter bus passenger giving a thumbs up