Boston Party Bus Rentals

When you’ve got a big party on the books in Boston, you want to know that your group’s transportation is in good hands. Ally Charter Bus ensures this by providing fast, efficient party bus rentals for passengers throughout the city.

Book with us for an easy and stress-free experience on your next trip.

Boston Party Bus Rentals

If you’ve got an important party on the books, it’s important to have safe, reliable transportation handling your group’s travel. Ally Charter Bus books private party bus rentals that service groups of every size, equipped with a number of premium features and handled by the best drivers in the industry.

No matter how big your group is, you can rest assured that Ally Charter Bus can find a solution that meets its requirements. With transportation options including 20, 40, and 50 passenger party buses, we’re able to match you with the perfect motorcoach for your group. Added features such as TVs, DVD players, and entertainment further sweeten the deal, ensuring that everyone rides in absolute comfort.


Ride in Safety

Safety always comes first with transportation, especially during a wild night out. Instead of relying on one of your passenger to handle transportation for your group, Ally Charter bus gives you the ability to place the responsibility in the hands of your own personal driver. This gives you and your group complete freedom to enjoy the night out, consuming alcoholic beverages at your discretion. Don’t risk DUIs and on-road incidents-- find your own private driver to handle your transportation.


Communal Transport for Your Group

Your group deserves to enjoy the night together. Ally Charter Bus allows your group to travel as a unit, thanks to the various sizes that party buses may come in. Never worry about getting separated in another taxi, rideshare vehicle, or train; book a private party bus and keep your entire group unified.


Exclusive Shuttle Service

Navigating multiple destinations in one evening doesn’t have to be difficult. Ally Charter Bus simplifies this for you by providing door-to-door shuttle services for you and your group. Request your destinations ahead of time when you call in, and your driver will gladly chauffeur your group to and from every single one of them. Ally Charter Bus’s drop-off policy also helps you to bypass difficult parking situations and entryways.


Private Party Bus Rentals, Made Easy

Don’t let transportation get in the way of planning the perfect group night out. Ally Charter Bus is dedicated to assisting you, from start to finish. Give us a call today at 617-202-9113 to find out more about our party bus rental services.