NYC Party Bus Rental

Groups that want to experience a night on the town in New York City should look no further than Ally Charter Bus. Having handled hundreds of parties for groups throughout the tri-state area, Ally Charter Bus has developed a network of cutting-edge transportation solutions that are guaranteed to maximize your nightlife experience.

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New York City Party Bus Rental

When you’re planning a big night on the town with a group of friends, few transportation solutions will serve you better than a party bus. Compact, modern, and efficient, party buses come packed with an array of features that maximize your group’s nighttime traveling experience. Ally Charter Bus provides an array of party bus solutions for events of every kind, from weddings to bachelor parties to birthday celebrations.

Ally Charter Bus services parties for groups of every size, booking party buses that may seat 20, 40, and even 50 passengers. Buses may be equipped with a number of premium features, such as heated seats, DVD players, televisions, and an entertainment center. You deserve to have the time of your life with your friends, so why not book the best transportation available?


Enjoy the Night Safely

When it’s time to head out, you want to ensure that the night goes off without a hitch. With a private party bus rental, you’re ensured optimal safety on the roads, thanks to the bus’ steel-cage construction and highly-trained driver. These features come in handy for groups that plan on consuming alcoholic beverages because they remove the responsibility of driving from passengers, preventing any potential on-road incidents. 


Communal Transport for Your Group

When you’ve got big nighttime plans with a large group, you’re going to want to keep everyone on the same page. Party bus rentals allow you to keep everyone in your party unified as you navigate the streets, whether you’re barhopping, hitting the club, or taking it easy at a lounge. Rather than losing your group members in a public transit rush or disjointed rideshares, rely on personalized private transportation to keep your night running smoothly.


Door-to-Door Shuttle Servic

A private party bus rental is booked exclusively for you, meaning that you’re able to visit as many destinations as you like. Instead of worrying about the cost of transporting your group to and from multiple locations in a night, book a private party bus dedicated solely to making sure you’re dropped off right in front of any destination on your itinerary.


Book a Private Party Bus

Are you ready to plan a wild night out with your friends? Regardless of whether you’re awaiting a bachelorette party, prom, birthday party, or anything in between, Ally Charter Bus is fully prepared to get you where you need to go. Give us a call today at 718-233-4319 to learn more about how w