Philadelphia Minibus Rental

Smaller groups traveling in Philadelphia love the efficiency and comfort that a private minibus rental provides. Fast, clean, and safe, minibuses booked by Ally Charter Bus are designed to maximize your time on the road.

Book with us for an easy and stress-free experience on your next trip.

Philadelphia Minibus Rentals

Ally Charter Bus assists with transportation for groups of every size, for events of all kind. We’ve worked with thousands of parties for individual excursions, and through this experience we’ve developed a network of solutions and drivers that are guaranteed to satisfy your needs. From weddings and sports competitions to field trips and corporate gatherings, Ally Charter Bus has done it all.

Premium features come standard with any one of the solutions you book with Ally Charter Bus. With vehicles ranging in size from 18-passenger to 25-passenger minibuses, there’s a minibus suited for every kind of group imaginable. Amenities such as WiFi, radio, television, plushing seating and more make these solutions some of the most versatile and modern motorcoaches on the market.

Private Events in Philadelphia

Private events throughout Philadelphia are now easier to attend than ever. Coordinate trips across town with family, friends, associates, and whoever else, using a curated itinerary to guide and manage your destinations. Move on from public transit and rideshare apps, and start relying on a transportation provider that knows what you need.

Plan School Field Trips

School field trips are easy to coordinate with Ally Charter Bus. We have worked with dozens of schools in the Greater Philadelphia area, which means we’ve learned to tailor our services and resources to the needs of students, faculty, and staff. Premium safety features on our rentals ensures that your students are in safe hands, while modern amenities ensure that everyone rides in comfort and style.


Explore the City of Brotherly Love

When you’ve got a private minibus rental catering to your needs, the city becomes your oyster. No destination is too far, and no amount of people is too large to travel with you. Private minibuses and their drivers cater to your schedule, ensuring that everyone gets to see every sight they desire. With a fast, efficient solution at your fingertips, you’re able to visit as many landmarks as you desire.

Enjoy a Day Trip

Minibus rentals allow you to explore as much of Philadelphia and its surrounding cities as possible. Day trips to Camden, the Jersey Shore, Wilmington, and any other destinations you have in mind are easier to access with your group than ever. Rely on premium onboard amenities and industry-leading customer service to maximize your time spent with your group, and trust Ally Charter Bus to get you there.

Premier Minibus Rentals

Ally Charter Bus is ready to make sure your next trip goes according to plan. We’re ready to assist you with your minibus rental 24/7, so give us a call at 215-392-4606 to learn more about how we can assist you!