Philadelphia Party Bus Rental

Planning a wild night out in Philadelphia? Now it’s easier to coordinate a group night on the town than ever before, thanks to Ally Charter Bus. Rely on a private party bus rental to help facilitate transportation to and from activities throughout the city.

Book with us for an easy and stress-free experience on your next trip.

Philadelphia Party Bus Rentals

When you want to step out onto the town in style with friends, family, or coworkers, Ally Charter Bus’ party bus rental services are exactly what you need. Booking a wide range of solutions tailored to groups of all sizes, we only provide the most modern, cutting-edge transportation solutions in the industry.

Regardless of your group size, there’s always a party bus in our network that will suit your needs. With options including 20, 40, and 50-passenger party buses, we’re more than capable of meeting your group’s requirements. Added features such as DVD players, televisions, heated seats, and entertainment centers ensure that all of your passengers ride in maximum comfort.


Ride Responsibly

When you’re out with friends, it’s natural to want to enjoy a few alcoholic beverages. Party buses allow you to participate in social drinking scenarios without the risk of DUIs or road incidents. Rather than asking one of your passengers to handle transportation for the group, you’re able to have your own personal driver assigned to you. This allows you to relax and socialize in any way you please, while your driver takes on the responsibility of manning the wheel.


Communal Transport for Your Group

Your group deserves to enjoy the night together. Ally Charter Bus allows your group to travel as a unit, thanks to the various sizes that party buses may come in. Never worry about getting separated in another taxi, rideshare vehicle, or train; book a private party bus and keep your entire group unified.


Door-to-Door Shuttle Service

In the past, it may have been difficult to get from one location to another easily when you had multiple destinations. Now, you’re able to visit as many places as you like. When you reserve your bus, you’re allowed to create an itinerary that’s tailored around your group’s plans. Go clubbing, stop at a few bars, or hang out at as many lounges as you like, with minimal stress. You’ll be dropped off right at the entrance of your destination, bypassing any stress associated with finding parking.


Book a Private Party Bus

Don’t wait another day to start planning your next night out in Philadelphia. Gather your group, choose your destination, and reach out to a representative at Ally Charter Bus to get things started. Contact our reservation team by calling 215-392-4606 today!