Washington, D.C. Party Bus Rentals

When navigating Washington, D.C.’s nightlife scene with your friends, it’s important that you’ve got fast, reliable transportation to get you from point A to point B. Ally Charter Bus ensures that you and your group are able to enjoy nightlife in the DMV, providing industry-leading customer service and solutions tailored to your needs.

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High-End Party Bus Rentals

You deserve to have a luxury experience when you book a party bus, and that’s exactly what Ally Charter Bus provides you. Only operating with the most modern, cutting-edge solutions on the market, we make sure we only provide our clients party buses that are loaded with exclusive features.

No matter your group’s size, we’ve got them covered. We book party buses that range in size from 20 to 40, to even 50 passengers, so groups can stay together during even the largest celebrations. Large parties love the added features that come with their private rental, which can include televisions, DVD players, heated seats, and entertainment centers.


Enjoy the Night Safely

When choosing transportation, it’s important to know that you’re going to be safe. Ally Charter Bus always places its clients in the most modern motorcoaches available, fully loaded with a number of premium safety features. Steel cage construction and dual rear wheels ensure that your bus is prepared to protect you from any obstacles on the streets. Utilizing a party bus rental also means that you’ll have your own personal driver throughout the night, so nobody has to risk driving intoxicated.


Communal Transport for Your Group

When you’ve got a full night on your plate, you want to be able to travel as a unit with your group. Nothing is worse than losing friends or getting separated when you’ve got multiple locations to visit, which is why a party bus is the best option for getting around. From bar hopping to clubbing to hanging out at a lounge, a private party bus rental is designed to streamline your night as you transition from one space to another.


Door-to-Door Shuttle Service

Your private party bus is meant to be your personal concierge. When you submit your itinerary to Ally Charter Bus, your driver is instantly cued into the system, so they know when they need to leave and where they need to go. With our curbside drop-off service, you’re taken directly to the entrance of your destination. Don’t worry about having to walk long distances or deal with pesky parking-- we’ve got you covered.


Book a Private Party Bus

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